Poll: What is your favorite amp?
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34 29%
Mesa Boogie
30 25%
15 13%
1 1%
3 3%
5 4%
6 5%
1 1%
14 12%
another amp
58 49%
Voters: 118.
I like peavey...my first strat was a peavey and i picked up a cheap amp along with it at a pawn shop for 30 bucks...i think its at least 4 or 5 years old...
My lil decade is perfect. its loud enough to get over non metal drums, very quiet when it needs to. the pots need some replacing but i leave them alone anyways. It can take my new bass with ease...dunno what else to say its built like a tank and i dont like most name brands anyways...im in my f*** fender and marshall phase...
Why the **** isn't Gallien-Krueger there?? I like Gallien-Krueger because it kicks ass and it's all solid-state.
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Vox amps are really nice...ive got the DA5, the portable job, and it gets the job done very finely for my uses.
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Traynors, and Peaveys.
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What a poor list. Where are Fender and Vox? Not to mention HiWatt.
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Mesa Boogie>all
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Depends what I'm going for. For my rock/metal band I can't imagine me playing anything other than my Randall (not on the list...). But for almost anything else you can't beat a Fender Twin (also not on the list...).
HiWatt custom 50 - coz it can be PIERCINGLY bright even in all-out overdrive 'on the edge of feedback' - i like lots of definition

you know the sound of the vibrato'd chords in the WHO song "in A Hand or a face" - just try getting THAT with ANY OTHER AMP...
Roland or Line 6. They're both great amp companys.
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Mesa, ENGL, or Laney.
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it's called gallien kruegar man
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My favourite as of now is the Peavey MINX 110. Does everything I want it to. If I were to upgrade, I'd probably go with a Gallien-Krueger.
Vox > Hiwatt = Orange > all.
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Peavey, Orange and Fender. Marshalls are okay too, just a bit generic.
but not the typical Rectifier, which I find to be just another generic Hi-Gain amp.. but the Mark IV, which IMO is leaps and bonds ahead of any other amp I've played, it can do virtually anything, and my favorite part is that even when the gain is cranked, it retains a tight, responsive tone that is so hard to find in many other amps.
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My Favourite amp is the Peavy XXX!
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My Ampeg VL-502 Lee Jackson model

It's a great amp, but other than that I would pick Peaveys (Which are the speakers I am using with the ampeg)
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my cube's versatile and doesn't sound half bad, but i'm dreaming of a twin reverb.
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^ +100

no wait, make that +300

as in 300watts of all-tube power that will huff and puff and blow your house down.
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^ Ampeg is the greatest

Mine goes to 12!
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