I've been playing about 14 hours a week for the last 3 weeks and although I have very large calluses (deep) they have been very soft. When I play, grooves get created in my fingers pretty quickly and the tips don't bounce back and this makes it harder to play notes as my entire finger is sinking into the strings. The next day, they are mostly back to normal with just small grooves but as soon as I play again, I have the same issue.

I try not to have too much water or soap on them and use no lotion on them at all. Not sure what else I can do to get them hard and deep vs. soft and deep.

Any help on this?
player thicker gauge strings... and just play alot of pull offs and all that... it really helps...
everytime you play ur chord or string move your finger slightly but press dwon normally so move the groove a couple of inches away from the string giving it time to push out
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Mine really built up when I started doing slides and hammer-ons/pull-offs. I do them for scales. I'll start by doing a hammer on from note to note, and then pull-offs on the way back. Next I'll do slides from note to note. Finally I'll just kind of mix it up. Hammer-on into a slide or whatever. Your fingers probably also need time to build it up .. playing so much in such a short period might prevent this. Not sure, though.