I'm gonna paint my guitar body (strat) white and paint on some writing.
But I dunno how to go about it!
I have access to my friend's dad's car paint shop thing where he has 2 pack paint and all the spray equipment and I also have access to a normal house-paint store (Solver paints) because my dad's friend works there.
AND my dad is getting an airbrush kit thing or something for my sister who is an artist, so I'm allowed to use that aswell.

Keeping all this in mind, how should I go about painting the body myself? ie. what are all the steps and precautions, type/brand of paint, etc.
And for the painting writing thing, I'll be using black paint and red paint for that, when should that be done in the painting process? and what kind of paint do I use for that?

If someone could pleeease help me that'd be awesome!