Hi everyone! I just bought a randall rh200 with a randall412xc cab. I don't have any effects pedals from my last stint playing and was hoping you ppl could give me an idea of what might sound gd running through this setup.

I've used the metal zone 2 and the zoom 505 previously but that was with a Roland Jazz Chorus.

Anyone with any experience with this amp head could you let me know your thoughts on which effects pedals work well with.

playing style in line with extreme, brian may, dimebag, iron maiden and megadeth. basically funk rock/metal.

also, any thoughts and experiences with this amp would be apreciated too!


if you mean you want to improve your overall tone, try running a metal zone with the level on 10, distortion at 0. the metal zone is much better as a boost pedal IMO, the distortion isnt too good. also you could try getting an mxr 10 band eq, that would help you shape your sound
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