i always here ibanez mentioned on these forums here as very good guitars i was looking at a few on webstites but there are so many different series so what series are very good for the price. like what series would be as good as say a standard strat and which series in your opinion would be as good as an american strat etc.any advice on ibanez models would be good thanks
Why not try, a GRG series as they are the budget guitars for the RG series. And still are pretty good guitars. Saying this, i play a GRG and its nicee.

Jus' wait for what other people have to say though, im not a huge expert
we need more details- budget? what kind of music do you play? what do you want in a guitar? you can't really compare an ibanez to a strat, they're completely different guitars.
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well my budget would be around 600 and i would mostly play u2, chili peppers,pearljam and hendrix and guns n roses stuff like that