When I first started playing guitar I had basically no aural skills ( I don't think I was tone def, but I was pretty close). The 2 1/2 years since then my skills have improved (I can tune my guitar by ear and figure out simple songs) but my skills still aren't great. What are some ways I can improve my musical ear.
wassup dude, i got the same problem as yours and i have been playing for 5 years and still depend on tabs. That doesnt mean that ur deaf or sumthing, maybe its because u depend on tabs alot just like me.

It takes alot of years and a great amount of practice to realy be able to play by ear. Sometimes people are able to do that because they were gifted (had a friend who learned guitar by himself and he never looked at tabs, only looked at a chord dictionary and listen to the song)

IF u were thought by a teacher, they dont realy make u practice listening BUT they will teach u songs that will build up that skill indirectly. (the same concept as constantly tracing a picture to become better at drawing)

SO basically, jus keep playing and learn new songs with or without tabs or musical notes if you want to improve ur listening skill

Also, finding the notes for a song via listening takes time and patience no matter how great ur senses are
What is cool without music?
it really does improve with time. but, i would studying ear training, i have heard of some websites that you can use but i dont remember the names. im sure someone will know. it also helps to sing, start off just play something on your guitar and then sing it back. then when you can do that, just pick a starting note, and then sing something and play it on your guitar.
learn the solfeg of the major scale (do re mi fa sol la ti do) and make sure you can sing those on pitch... pick a random note and then try the solfeg, you can follow yourself on the guitar or piano or whatever to make sure youre doing it right.

then start to skip around the solfeg (sing: do mi sol ti do.. and other random combos) and once again play the notes on an instrument to make sure youre correct.

do this for a month and youll notice great changes in your aural skills.. (this is what we had to do for the first month of homework in my aural skills class in college, though it may have been esier for me cause i had worksheets telling me exactly what to sing)
i say keep playing and learn your intervals, like ALL of them. the thing is, the more you play different chords in different locations and REALLY listen to what you're playing the more they become ingrained in your brain. it took me about 6-7 years to really get to the point where i could hear something on the radio and just pick up and play it. keep practicing.