Hi you all,
what do u think about this two guitars? I'm gonna buy one of them, and i would to know your opinions

Thank you a lot!
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The Alexi200 is a pretty cheap guitar, so the chances are that the trem will be shite. The general opinion here is "Don't go below the 400 series" so maybe pay attention to that. The Jackson looks very nice, try it out before you buy it though.
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My price range is from 400 to 600 aprox. I would to buy a V shaped guitar, so I found that two guitars for that price. I have tried the Jackson, and it plays very well, and it sounds very clean.

This is the Jackson I-m gonna buy:
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Hi you all,
what do u think about this two guitars? I'm gonna buy one of them, and i would to know your opinions(which is better...) I think jackson one is better, cuz i've been reading the other post of the Alexi200 and it seems to be a bad guitar for that price...

Thank you a lot!

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maybe now it is correct? I think that saying what guitar is better was the error.
If not, tell me where is the error plz

I would say an RR3 then. I don't know what currency you are in, but if it fits in there RR3's are pretty good for their price.
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