Its not done yet, but its almost done. Its supposed to be about hitler, through his eyes, as he is dethroned.

Here are the german translations:

Fleishgeruch in der luft: The smell of flesh is in the air
Der Teufel: The devil/satan


Enthroned, my enemies’ body count steadily rises,
As their city crumbles, regardless of sizes.
From the eyes of a mortal, this is madness,
While from the eyes of a god, my actions are just.
Wave after wave, of my vast armies,
Annihilate those who don’t aren’t perfect,
For only the truly worthy of life should live,
While the imperfects are disposed of.

Flieshgeruch in der luft!
It controls my senses,
The stench of human flesh in the air,
Arousing me to an elevated state
Of inhuman consciousness

He awaits, der teufel,
Begging me to go with him,
Into the depths of Tartaros,
I will not descend.

Flieshgeruch in der luft!
It pleases my vision,
The decayed corruption all over the world
Arousing me to an elevated state
Of inhuman consciousness

What’s happened?
My grip on mankind has loosened.
The Dark Lord promised me I would not fail,
If I supplied him with what he needed.
Wave after wave,
my super soldiers are slaughtered.

I’m struggling to stand, but just cant seem to do it,
Everything to my name has thus far been destroyed.
Fire and smoke is all that remains,
My life’s work, demolished.

I’ve been dethroned, my reign
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