Poll: As a musician, what is most important to you?
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View poll results: As a musician, what is most important to you?
Your Gear
6 4%
Your Style
62 44%
Your Skill
62 44%
Your Looks
1 1%
8 6%
Voters: 140.
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i'd say making sure i dont sell out and that people actually understand what my messages are and the quality of my music.
Style, as it's what sets you apart from other musicians. For example, if there was a room of musicians who had the same band as an influence, but didn't put any of their own style in, then all the songs they'd write would just sound the same.
See what do you mean by skill?

Technical skills or musical skills.

For me, I would say technique enables me to play anything I want but the musicallity of my playing is more important. I can shred and I can keep shredding for ever and ever amen but it wont sound like music it will sound like someone playing fast. I use shred as a way of linking musical ideas so musicallity to me is the most important part of the skill aspect.
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i voted gear... i need my gear... even vai couldn't play on a piece of ****

No one will develop good skill without a decent axe to learn on.
its about the way you play, not what u play. I 'd rather be bad and in th groove than good and look like a gay
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writing music that is going to take people to the highest or of the highs and the lowest of the lows
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As I've read or heard before, "It's all about the melody."
How well you can write something that is amazing, no matter how difficult or simple. That's pretty much what is important to me.
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I choose skill because without it i wouldn't be able to play the music i like. Ive only been playing just over a year and havent fully developed my style because my skill sucks. I guess it depends on what style you have and the skill required to perform your style.
I will shred in the end!!
I voted skill because im not the most sylistic player. I dont dance around when I play, I just play the music. My gear isnt amazing so that takes away that option. Now one person said that vai couldnt play on a piece of crap, totally wrong. Sure there is a difference in guitars, but a guitar is a guitar in the end. If anything else that would be most important to me is my knowledge of music such as theory.
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All are important in the long run, but skill is most important because once you have skill you can play whatever you want.
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i believe a mix of skill and unique style. you don't need the greatest gear to get good or even sound good and looks, well i think those are secondary. i'm of the belief that if you can't pick up any decent freshly strung guitar and play it you prolly don't have much skill. and subsequently if you sound like somebody else you're SOL cuz that person already made it, if you sound like hammett or dimebag thats killer!!! but theres already a hammett, there was (sadly i have to use the term was) a dimebag. you need to sound original or at least have a sound that hasn't been beaten to death 100 times over. i'll end this with a god bless dime, getcha pull
Your Gear - Gear doesn't matter, although it'll reflect in your style
Your Style - Style is a big thing. It doesn't have to be original, but as long as its a bit different, it'll be good. If you're just another metallica fanboy witha floyd rose, I doubt you'd be as likely to get far.
Your Skill - it depends how you define skill. You can skip the desirable technical proficiency depending on taste, although it's important to keep your songs interesting, creative and layered. Although its quite rare, you can have no skill and still be a good player. I can't play for shit, but I'm a good musician.
Your Looks - looks are important, but in my case, I have another guitarist and singer to look pretty. The fact that I'm a fat ugly **** actually suits my playing style

This is why I'm going with style. You can get around the others without penalty, but style is quintessential.
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All are important in the long run, but skill is most important because once you have skill you can play whatever you want.

I disagree.

Some of the best players I know are awesome guitarists, but can't adapt to situations, and can't write songs.

To be a good musician you need to be flexible and balanced. Many of the people care only for musicianship which is a potential knife in the back. What is needed is a good balance.
i voted style.. id rather have my own unique sound than to be a perfect imitator (skill) of someone elses style. look at kurt cobain, he wasnt really that good at guitar, but he had his own thing and went big with it.

gear and looks arent really that importnat to me.. i mean, gear is to some extent, but i only buy what i think sounds good when i play it.
i take pride in my funky funky style, along with the funky funky hat i wear while i play the funky funky music
I put other, for "My Sound". I don't care how I look, how good I am, or what I'm playing on, as long as I sound how I want. I'm not quite there yet, still practicing. I know how I want to sound, though.
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A little bit of each...
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Well actually band issues are most important to me but if I had to choose between those 4 i'd say my skills.
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My skill, and by skill I mean knowledge of guitar. Meaning scales, theory, being able to play all different styles, in addition to just playing fast.
How 'bout... actually making good music, dumbass.
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Skill is, by far, the most important. Without skill, you can have all the gear, style and looks in the world, you're still a dumbass who can't play to save his life.
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I'd say skill, to be able to jam smoothly and play various styles.
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Well there, I voted style.

But truly, the most important thign as a musician to me is just having fun or expressing myself.