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Just incase youre wanderin this is my first time posting in the ultimate guitar forums, so you lay off the laughin at me

Heres my cool little E and G variations in some nice simple cords

E ---3---3---3---3---
B ---3---3---3---3---
G ---0---0---0---0---
D ---2---0---2---2---
A ---2---2---3---0---
E ---0---3---0---0---

I think they sound best when you play them down twice and then mute it on the upstroke. Its sounds better slow, but picking them individually fast works okish too.

so what do you think??? Any improvements???
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Yeah, what you have there is a time-honoured trick for making a simple chord progression sound more interesting by holding down those upper pedal tones. It's great to have those kinds of ideas up your sleeve for more exciting rhythm playing.
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Thanks, I got some more A and D variations on the way soon, which I'll post here later.
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That's what makes chords so beautiful. You can move 1 finger and change the sound completely.
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