im selling my old squier strat (in great condition) and my peavey backstage amp(25 watts)(perfect condition.) For strat im asking about $110.00(original $279.00) and for peavey about $50.00 ( original $89.99.) thanx post your question/offers here or i am trading for a 50-100 watt amp.just post what kind of amp if your willing to trade. thankyou
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i dont have scanner so ill describe it to you. it is an artic white squier strat perfect condition.
it has bought classic style fender pickups. it has 3 pick up knobs. 1 twin pickups and 2 single pickups. and i have a gand sound and music gig bag that i can through in.
they were bought in a package not bought in the guitar brand new. and im not at home right now so i dont have the number and the pickups said on the picture "classic fender pickups."
go buy one of them $14 digital cameras and put a picture up, otherwise i'll give you $50.00 for the strat
oooooooooo i said they were classic as in regular strat pickups. they're Fender Custom 69' Classic Strat Pickups.
does the amp have an overdrive on it? reverb? anything else? i live in michigan so shipping would be cheap. let me know.