I was going to get and Ibanez GSZ120 tomorrow but found out that it wasnt in stock...since i'm going to have to order online(which I was trying to avoid) does anyone have any suggestions on the guitar I should get. It has to be Ibanez or ESP and in the $200 dollar range. I am in a metalcore band and will need a guitar that will sound great after I upgrade the pickups. I will be adding EMG 81/85's and locking tuners soon after the purchase.
go to the electric guitar forum next time.

The LTDs are somewhat decent, but some are unbalanced. I don't know much about Ibanexzs, though.
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thanks...sorry about using wrong forum i wasnt sure if the mods i'm doing to the guitar would effect an opinion on which to choose or not
Ibeanez RG321 cheap solid hunk of wood, wizard 3 neck

Schecter (crap, I forget the model)

Dean vandetta xv (I dont know if the XV is right) cheap, solid, string through body.

squire telecaster or 51 (or affinity strat if you must...but you grow out of strat copies fast)

check musicians friend...I'm kinda out of the game of guitars in that price range.