Hey guys,

Just wonderin if anyone had any advice on what amp to get for gigs? got about £900 max i culd spend (head and cab). i play everything from rock to heavy metal. thinkin of gettin the marshall tsl60, please advise?


Its a good head provided to get a good cab! If you dont get a good cab it can seem very muddy!!

I would look on ebay for a Used Jcm 900 (go for around £360) and get the Marshall 1960av to go with it! should be in or around £900 price range!!

Jcm900 basically kills the 2000 series imo, much more versitile and just a great amp for the price in england!
The TSL60 are very nice indeed.
Make sure you buy an OD pedal like a TS or something to get that extra bit 'growl'.
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