is it possilble to do take videos on windows movie making and get the audio to convert to mp3 form
i don't know man....im not sure you can convert like a movie into an mp3 if that's what your trying to do?
ImTOO Audio Ripper, allows you to rip songs or audio off of video. I use it for Music DVDs, i rip all of the songs and it cuts them up individually so you can listen to them on your iPod on the move. Use the free trial for a while but its worth the money.
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i dont know about ripping the audio from movie files but i do know an easy way to convert to mp3 is to use itunes which is free if you have it and it is extremely easy to do unlike downloading some unknown software product off the internet
hope it helps
use a recording program (maybe audacity would work, idk) to record what goes out of the sound card (the music).
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