A marshall rocket with the amp and a korg multi effects (dunno which one ) for £70 know just the guitar an amp cost £170 new

Its from a guy who never played it , just couldnt be bothered too learn, i found it in the bargain pages.

My other guiar is a no name that and to have half the set up fiddled with but aint too bad cos i have a mate who will do it for me.

Should i buy? i only really need the amp
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sure.why not it's only 70£.
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You should think about it, depending on the wattage of the amp. You can get a Roland Microcube for about £70, and could be better for what you want.
You get what you pay for, it's a good deal, but it doesn't stop the gear you're getting being utter crap. =/
Yeah the amp is a Marshall MG15CDR, i have been lookin at amps for a while but cant really afford much as i dont have a job
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This is your other option then. It has more effects in-built, which will probably help you to be more creative, and is overall mroe versatile. But on the other hand, you don't get whatever else you got with the other deal.
The cube 15 is a bit crap, doesn't have the amp models. You're better off with a micro cube.