My friend showed me the Behringer - X V Amp FX Pedal which is very close in price to the Zoom G2 but has a built in expression pedal, whereas with the G2 you have to pay £30 more for the G2.1u which has an expression pedal built in. Also a power supply is included from soundslive.co.uk which you have to pay more for on the G2.

I'm about to purchase one, so does anyone have experience with them, perhaps links with nice info on things to program in?
but... the G2.1U also has an USB-output so you can connect it to the computer and record stuff
Yeah, I have one. Seriously, some of the clean channels on that thing are the best I've heard on any effects unit. No joke.

I would just give you mine, but it broke a while back. *Not very durable, and is almost impossible to gig with when you play any type of heavy music.
I have one, but I only ever bought it to give me a basic understanding of/access to different types of effects without buying all the individual units. I haven't used it for two years now though, infact it's still at my parents house. I never used it for recording so I can't comment about that, but if you just want to gain a greater understanding of different types of effects I'd say go for it. The wah is a bit rubbish though btw.
...Bleep Bloop...
I used the rack version of the V-Amp to record a demo a couple years back and I really liked it. You will have to tweak some of the patches but not too much and they do sound good. I don't have any sound samples to post, sorry, but I believe the Behringer site or Musician's Friend has some samples on their sites.
Are there any websites that give info on stuff to program in?

I've heard them referred to as 'patches'? Is that the right word?