right im 16 nearly 17, i love music, rhcp are the best, also love foos, bit of mettallica etc. ive been playing guitar(electric) for around 1 yr now and am ok at playing, had about 10 lessons but ran out of money, i know most comon chords, couple of scales etc. my hero is flea from rhco, his bass playing is soo grovy, of course my other hero is john.f.
I really really want to move into music as a career, maybe not playing, and i cant sing soo around producing, managing. but i want to know is it easier to learn bass than guitar, i would love to be able to play bass and want to know if its worth gettin a bass. will my guitat skills effect bass playing in anyt way, i love plaing tunes like under the bridge, time of your life and love picking, i love playing the universally speaking solo aswell(i can pull that off perfectly btw). so is it worth it? also could sme one give me tips on getting into the music buisnes. thanks.
If you're having so much fun playing the guitar I suggest you stick with it. Learning to play the bass like Flea would be starting all over.
^ naw, i say go for both, i do. learning one will definately affect the other but not in a negative way. learning bass will help you think about what to do with a guitar and how to write a guitar around a bass piece and going back and playing guitar after you get decent at a bass will help you think about writing bass pieces around your guitar part.
^ Not really. Different tunings, different spacing, different neck width, etc. Very different.

I would also say go for both. It's what I did and I couldn't be happier. Okay, it took me a year of guitar before I bought a bass, but I love playing both equally. Anyway, bass isn't easier to learn than guitar, although it is easier to pick up at first, you'll find that it is difficult to master, but I'm sure you knew that already

Playing bass affects your guitar skill, and playing guitar affects your bass playing. And I noticed that you said John is your guitar hero and Flea is your bass hero. This isn't really relevant, but I remember reading how Les Claypool wouldn't really listen to an album a bass player made, he would listen to guitarists and drummers often too. Just thought I'd throw that in
thats really interesting that u wanna get into producing and managing not alot of music lovers(career wise) want to do that, but i would say u want to try multi instrumentalization, i would catch onto bass if i were you but also look at keys(piano) and harmonica etc, if u make urself a real huge asset to a promising band u cant go wrong, guitarists (lead anyway) are always in the spotlight, and bassists aren't most of the time unless they are a vocalist bassist so its where ur personality lies, but whichever one u choose dont abandon the other, u may discover ur first choice isn't the correct one and ur a better musician playing the other, i had the same dilemma but with guitar or singing, i love to sing but guitar is where my musicianship lies, hope that helps
i think you shoud stick with guitar. im into rhcp too, and ....
yeah stick with guitar