Has anyone used this site before? It looks pretty genuine to me. And im wondering that if you live in ireland and they charge you 21% vat but you go on the british part of the store instead will they charge you 17% instead of 21% vat if you live in ireland? I hope that made sense..
And sorry if this is the wrong forum
I used them for a few pedals and they were good. Quick delivery and quite cheap.
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I have friends who have ordered from them and they had only good things to say about it. And I'm talking eastern Europe here, so it should be even better for Ireland or the UK.
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There is a tax problem that only the UK is exempt from,
Depending on which part of Ireland your from they have to hike it to 21% I believe.

They send out letters to me every month when you subscribe & buy stuff from them.
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there great. There's like 2 threads on this though...
wonderful site, they deliver fast and its cheap.
I made order just for 8 leads. It was worth the 7 quid delivery cos its so cheap.
8 leads:
Thomann: 20
Local Shop:40
I don't know if i'd buy a guitar off internet though, you wanna play it first.
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just recieved my firebird from thomann...came in 3 days...no dings or scratches even though it came from Germany...no where else sold them...and a lot of the stuff on there is pretty cheap...so yeah i've got nothing but praise for thomann