So yeah.. I got a new guitar (Ibanez GRX20) with a rosewood fretboard a about a week ago and whenever I play it I get this black stuff on my fingertips. I told my friend (who plays bass) about it and he said the same thing happens to him. So.. does this happen with all rosewood fretboards? Is there some way to clean it off of the fretboard or something?

how black are your fingers? I play violin, and the same thing happens to me. If they get very black, it means both fingerboard and strings are dirty, so i clean the strings with alcohol and just wipe the fingerboard clean. Never had that problem with guitar though, and i never use alcohol on the strings, i just wipe them with a duster.
use lemon oil + Qtips to clean the fretboard and change the strings
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that should wear off after a while, thats used to hapen to me on some of my guitars, but none of them (15 ALTOGETHER!!) does it anymore. if its a new guitar, its probobaly the finish wearing off slighly, but it wont wear off completley, just keep playing i guess, dust your strings when your done and change your strings regurlurly(every three months or so does fine if you play a lot)
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Thanks for the quick responses. I guess I'll just wait for it to wear off, because I already changed the strings, thinking they were the problem.
my rosewood fingerboard is fine and all ways been.....
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New guitars are like that, it'll wear off after awhile.
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