hey iv just wrote this song with my acoustic guitar. it sounds gd when i play along with it but i just need some final touches. its not aslong as i hoped soo i spaced it out with guitar chord nd sequences. if there are any ideas for chorus i will kindly accept.

I know a place,
a place where the sun dont glow,
Where the moon dont shine,
and no one goes.

we could travel in style,
ill put u on my back,
and walk for a little while,
when i drop,
we will stop and be there
be at the place
sit and stare

as the rain comes down
she looks at me
says its not you
but its me
i run away
with the lightning harsh
she cannot lie

now its over and thats no reality
my mind is betrayed
along with my heart
we could have been good
i could have been loved
nice . i am getting the feel of a rhythm and flow.

thnx for the crit on mine.
as for the chorus

write 1 beautiful line and sing it 3 to 4 time but all in different chords . it will sound good
atleast in my head it does