I just got a myspace music account and wanted to design my profile with cool colours etc.... You know, the usual crap that ppl add at the beginning. I just want it to hava a nice layout. So I made an HTML template for it, but I don't know where the little section to paste this code into is. I checked the FAQ, which says that I need to click on Edit Profile and the paste it into the appropriate section. I don't see any appropriate section!

If it makes any difference, this is a myspace MUSIC account. And I have confirmed and verified my email....

Any help?

you can put it in any of the ones you listed and it should work fine
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band details> bio (or wherever you want)>Preview>submit

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Oh I didn't realize they were different, probably any of the sections listed. Send us a link when it's up we'll add you to help you get going
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Um... I don't have an about me section there. It's all:

Upcoming Shows
Band Details
Basic Info
Manage Songs
Listing Info

That's all i see....

band detatils then

i have a music myspace but i havent changed the lsyout for a while, but im pretty sure thats where it goes
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How exactly do you get a music myspace account?

myspace.com > click the music tab > click artist signup near the top in the red bar