Poll: Is it better to learn how to play guitar on an acoustic or electric?
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View poll results: Is it better to learn how to play guitar on an acoustic or electric?
6 60%
1 10%
It doesn't matter
3 30%
Voters: 10.
I'm just curious, do you think it is better to learn guitar on an acoustic or an electric?
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Acoustic is probably tougher when you're starting out, so if you see yourself eventually playing both, thatd be the best thing to do, physically speaking. However, the most important thing in starting out is to have the desire and ambition to learn, and from that perspective it's probably best just to choose the one you like best.
^^yeah i agree completely with both the above.
i started on my brothers crappy acoustic but never got real into it until i got my first electric and could crank it up.
Also, It is easier to serenade girls with an acoustic though, and we all know that is why we really play guitar
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if you start out on acoustic, its harder, but then electric is easy and you can play acoustic and electric

if you start out on electric, its easier, but then acoustic can seem too hard and you may not bother with it
Acoustic is harder to play and makes your fingers a lot stronger than an electric but an electric is flat out easier to play. all in all i think acoustic would be better to learn first
yep agreed with everything said

electric is much easier 2 learn on, especially strats, since everything is more comfortable, the body is relatively comfortable


its a lot easier 2 serenade girls wi the acoustic

i know thats always a good reason 2 play guitar

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it doesn't really matter in my opinion, as long as you put in the same effort. if you work your as off, you'll be fine either way
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I started on electric and it's taken me forever to get decent at acoustic. The jump the other way would've been easier, but I probably would've given up.

So based on my experence it's more fun to start on electric, and if you think you might need that extra push of "fun" to help you when you're first starting out, then Electric is the way to go. Acoustic is better in all technical aspects, though even teh cheapest decent acoutic guitars (one that doesn't sound like total shit) cost roughly the same as an electric starter pack, so don't let price be a factor...