in this tab, what does the number in parentheses mean, what do you do?

Ex. 14--(15), how does that correspond to the tablature
it means t bend the 14 untill it sounds like 15 and to sustain the bend for the 3 hits

....i think
It has to possible meanings, AFAIK:
1: Bend the 14E to 15E, then bend/release those 3 times


2: Bend the 14E to 15E, then pick the 14's and hammer-on the 15's.

or what he ^ said.

Either way, it is not good tabbing, as (n) notes usually means ghost-notes or a note binding from the last measure.
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my guess is that its played very softly, thats what it means in guitar pro 5 and some other tabs ive seen
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its the solo for breaking the chians by dokken, i will listen to that part to see how it sounds, but thanks for the help.

does anyone else know???
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