I'm trying to connect to the internet at my house, but i need the security key for netgear and i cant find it. Can anybody tell me how to find it on my computer?
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its just the password one of ure parents will have probably put on it so no freeloaders neighbours can steal ure wireless internet, ask one of ure parents, i had to ask my dad cos hes the one who installed it all
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I have a netgear and the security key is on stuck to the bottom of the router, or on a little card in the box.

i'm not sure if you can bring it up on a PC, because i had to input it into a PC to use wireless on my PC but if you use wireless on another PC the programme that runs the wireless connection saves that code automatically.
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most of the times its on the router itself or like he said on a card that comes with it... damn wep keys =( if they didnt exist i would be able to get on my neighbors internets
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