Well, Ive been playing acoustic now for about 6 months, and Ive come to a block. Im self-taught, and beginning lessons soon. But I need some good reccomendations for picking songs.... Ones that arent very hard, but hard enough to allow me to get better.

For example, Dust in the wind. Is tough for me, but Its helpin me. Any other suggestions? And any tips for things I should Know/Be learning at this point?

Thanks a bunch,
this might be an obscure song for you to find. but if you care enough to look. John Frusciante- Untitled #3. pretty easy picking pattern but chord changes are ehh. its not hard but it helps move up and down the fretboard. hope i helped
just practice a hard ass song(for you at least) for hours ...or days.... even weeks until u get it and it will make learning everything else even easier.... i recommend some iron maiden or metallica even if u dont like them..... nothing else matters is the song that made me develop more when i started playing it took hours and hours to learn but its defenitely worth it!!!
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you should try skynyrds was i right or wrong intro or things goin on intro... i can't find the whole song
Going to California by Led Zeppelin is tricky, but brilliant. I'm working on it now.
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id go for mettalica - nothing else matters, or metallica - fade to black. i performed nothing else matters as a solo piece a few times, fantastic solo piece.