is it illegal to print tabs cuz thats what i heard from a lot of people i just wanted to make sure.
as long as u dont say u made the tab and not plajorize the person then no. if they weren't printable they wouldn't hve the print option or they would hve a warning saying u cant.
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its one of these things thats supposed to be illegal but nobody is gonna do jack shit
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da cops gonna be like 'STOP, HAMMERTIME!!!' when they see you do it...
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not from here its not. this is a russian server, so its not illegal. yet.

Hey, I just realised how much I respect Russia. Go Russia, woo.
If it's illegal...who cares! LAWS ARE MENT TO BE BROKEN
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I'm actually studying Russian history at the moment so the thought of them allowing tabs makes it that bit easier now. GO ON LENIN!!!!
Yeah its legal. That doesnt mean you wont go to hell for doing it though.
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Oh yeah, dude. It's bad. The police should be busting through your windows any minute.