I've been listening to a lot of Death From Above again lately and I'm still fascinated by JFK's technique and gear. I'm not really much of an effects nut (I pretty much always play just bass into amp) so firstly I wanted to know who's had a go at getting a DFA-ish tone and how they went about it.

Secondly I wanted to discuss his technique since he's one of the few pick bassists I really enjoy listening to. What do you think are the hallmarks of his style? What aspects of his playing have you tried to learn from?

I'd really like a good discussion rather than just see who likes him and who doesn't. Let me know what of his playing you like and what you don't instead!
I havn't really gotten a close sound too him, mainly because I am limited and He has the distortion going naturally on his amp or something
i cant quite remember how it goes
but its mostly to do with his amp
I did however get an almost identical sound to Chris from teh muse using a Blowtorch overdrive
it was wicked
but anyways...

I have used the pick scrape that he uses in romatic rights
and teh feedback thinger he gets from shaking his bass up againts his amp in pull out
his picking is fairly normal i find
he is just really good at getting the octaves on the D and G string fast
like in Pull out

good bassit all around though!
too bad their done...
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I'm angry that DFA1979 broke up. I'm also secretly hoping that it's a joke and they're gonna release the 3-Part album they were talking about and make everyone go "WTF! Sweet!"

Anyways, Jesse is a unique player, as he's the only "musical" instrument. He manages to keep a rhythmic groove, yet sweet riffage that's hummable.
I definately can't see them getting back together - I think Sebastien can be a real arse for one thing. Besides, Jesse is happy making dance music at the moment. He says he hardly ever listens to guitar music these days.

I have trouble getting a very DFA like tone usually. Something like on Black History Month is easy enough to get with a bit of overdrive and EQing but I need to get a chorus to get nearer some of the other songs.
I also think the possibility of them getting back together is quite slim. From what I understand, Jesse and Sebastian weren't on speaking terms towards the end of thier last tour...which is understandable, because Sebastian seems to be a bit of a douche. JFK's MSTRKRFT project is becoming quite successful and Sebastian is doing a bunch of solo stuff or something....so yeah, doesn't seem too likely. Sebastian also seems like the type to get jealous about MSTRKRFT's success and how his new stuff is pretty much unheard of...

Anyway, he gets his tone from really cranking his Acoustic brand solid state heads, so it's a naturally overdriven sound. Apparently his Ric is also heavily modified with a hot bridge p-up. An Ibanez stereo chorus pedal and a modified jim dunlop wah pedal are his only effects.

I get kinda close with my P-bass with Quarter-Pounders and a Boss OBD-3
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