I have a 06 Strat HSS MIM. I am trying to adjust the curve of the neck to be 0.010 on the low E at the sixth fret with a capo just before the first fret and my finger just past the last fret. I am like two or more full turns (all taken at like 1/4-1/8 increments) counter-clockwise at this point and I am still not able to get the feeler between the string and fret without moving the string. The neck is pretty well flat (doesn't appear to be convex). Also what is strange is the guitar is in tune when in playing position, but goes out of tune slightly (almost -20 on my Korg tuner) when leaned forwards or backwards. I am following the guide as close as possible from Fender (and others on the net).

Any help would be appreciated!

Note: The tremolo/bridge angle is about 1/16 currently and the strings are Fender .09-.42.