Hi Everyone,
I have a small pedal board with a digitech distortion (300ma), a cheap tuner and multifx (100ma each) pedal and a mister crybaby (200ma i think). I have been running one 9v adapter with 600ma plugged into a 5 plug daisy chain. The first adapter i had was only 10$ and after a night of long night of college partying, i went to play guitar and it wasn't working. I figured someone must have stepped on the adapter or somehow it broke. But just today, my second korg adapter just broke too. This time i know it had nothing to with being stepped on or handled improperly. The adapter was also a little on the hot side. I leave my pedal board plugged in all the time, does this have something to do with it? any help would be appreciated because i don't want to buy another adapter only to have it blow again. My brother has a pedal board with 5 boss pedals on it with a very similar set up and a boss power adapter and he also leaves it plugged in all the time and this has never happened to him. Thanks!!!
try a boss adapter maybe?
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After 2 hours playing the same thing happened to me once, but leaving it plugged in is just asking for trouble. Make sure the area around the pedals is clear and maybe think about switching to rechargeable batteries.
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what would be responsible for the adapters dying? heating up slowly and melting some component or safety feature?
if you add all the values up...
i get to 700mA

that probably is your problem
ur pedals need more power than ur supply can give em


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Switch it off at the mains when you're not using it.
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if you add all the values up...
i get to 700mA

that probably is your problem
ur pedals need more power than ur supply can give em

You've got it right there. The absolute minimum is a few hundred mA above what the pedals need, I'd be going for at least 1A to make sure it's got enough power. Trust me, your pedals will thank you for it.
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