Is it possible for me to flip the pickups of my strat 180 degress?
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yea, but perhaps this was meant to be...
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Thats like asking if you can string a guitar backwards... Yes you can, but it will be different.
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yes it is possible. just take the scratchplate off, take out the pickups and turn them around, and put the lot back together again.
what will that make it sound like? I'm curious
yeah, i've got gear too...
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Yes you can...you'll end up having something similar to what Hendrix had.
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You won't have something similar to what Hendrix had. The only main difference is the difference in the volumes of the strings, as the staggered poles will be the other way around. If you don't have staggered poles, then it seems you won't hear a difference really. Also, part of Hendrix's unique tone came from the bridge pickup being angled the "wrong" way IIRC.
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You could just buy the new reverse strat, it has the reverse headstock, and the pup flipped already for you. And you can keep your current guitar intact.
I think that they make pickguards with the reverse angle. But you have to be routed for a humbucker to make it fit.
^ actually, i opened up my strat recently and found that it could already accomodate a bridge humbucker. i'm wondering if i should get one ...
I have a MIM fat strat, I'm getting a new 'bucker for it but I love humbuckers. I say go for it. Others belive that humbuckers on strats are taboo...