ok so im saving up for anew acoustic i got 70 dollars (us) so far,im planning on buying it next month when ill have 250 to work with.whats a good guitar thats 250 dollars or less.(doesnt have to be a specific guitar a brand will work.I know almost nothing about acoustics but im trying to do my research though)and if it matters im gonna be using it for finger picking like babe im gonna leave you-led zeppelin.

thanks in advance for all help

(sorry i know this is wrong thread but i figured id post here also cause i never see many people or get many responses in acoustic thread)
A solid top is a must or else it'll sound like a cardboard box with same strings running over it.

Otherwise I'd suggest buying local since they'll hook you up with a case and maybe a top humidifier and that sort of thing at little or no extra charge... Or at least they did with me...
im getting it through my local shop where i can get a 30 day trial while only paying for half upfront so if i dont like it i can have him send it back (and the guys in a band with my friends dad who owns it so i always get a hookup in there he said if i order through him he'll get me a hard case for free and a humidifier for 35 bucks,is that good for a humidifier?)