Adam Sandler is the reason why I wish to kill small mammals. I honestly hate that man more than any other comedian out out there. Any of them.
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Im a diesel truck
I had to stop it i saw where it was going and it wasn't going to be funny ill tell you that you made me stop my music for that!!
Okay, I watched it. It was a little bit funny. Can I get back to listening to my Pantera now?
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"he can wear his pants realy low tonight"

i though wow when i first heard it too.

you have to make sure to watch the intire thing, lol there is a good part in there.

let's all . . . dammit what's the word. . . . ****. . . you konw when you talk abotu something that was amazing and you're like "man that was amazing, remember this part? hahaha" ****! WHAT'S THAT WORD PEOPLE?!. . . i'll get back to you on this msg.