damn dude, Im listening as I type. Its really good. Timing is good, seems like the note are all good, although I havent heard this song in a long time. Did you do vocals? they sound really good and fit this song well. Only drawback of this song is the tone for your rhythms. I would make the rhythm tone have less gain and treble, and maybe some more bass. Its a good lead tone though. I would give it a 9/10. What gear are you using? Also, would you mind critting my Crazy Train cover?
Thanks a lot.
Right on! I quite enjoyed it! I have just reciently also learned ths song too!

Everything sounded pretty damn good! The vocals were a different style, but it worked well (sort of sound like Lemmy from Motor Head)!


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Yeah i sang the song . im not much of a singer but what the hell i gave it a shot and put my own mark on it .
Great vocals sounded bit Motorheads Lemmy Kilmister

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