Hey guys um i was thinking about getting dp159 evolution in the bridge and dp158 evolution in the neck of my sg..but i found out they are mainly for soloing and such..i need a bridge and neck pickup thats great for not only soloing but really sounds good when you playing chords...any suggestions and price doesnt matter

Since when does Steve Vai NOT play chords?

It's true, this stuff I make up.
Those will work for that, however you must realize that Evo's are extremely sensitive pickups. Any flaws in technique will come roaring through. If you can handle them though you'll be rewarded with ungodly lead tones. I'm sure you can get some good rhythm tones out of them too, just roll back the tone or something... Not really that big of deal.
you know what i mean...i need a well balanced pickup..the dp216 mo joe bridge pickup looks nice..but that leaves me with a good neck pup..any suggestions?
I have the Mo Joe in the bridge of my Ibanez RG (basswood) and it sounds ok, but it is a bit bright for me. I can get a good tone out of it, but it is not exactly my favorite. I find that if I roll back the volume a bit I can get a nice classic rock sound, but at full volume it sounds kinda thin.

The PAF Pro for the neck is a great pickup, I like it a lot. The Duncan 59 is another good pickup for the neck
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although i disagree with your idea that "good for soloing=bad for chords" (seriously, what kind of ignorant blanket statement is that?) i can get your drift that the evos might be a bit too cutting/shrill/hot. I really reccomend the Breeds-they are basically evos with less output and a more PAFish feel and sound.
Check out the Humbucker From Hell.

"Recommended For: Neck position in solid body guitars.

Tech Talk: Okay, we admit it - it's a strange name for a pickup that's not a megavoltage monster, but try it in the bridge position with a really bright amp and you'll get it. What we really wanted was a super-clean neck pickup, because we've heard years of complaints about muddy-sounding humbuckers. This pickup is the cure. With some guitar/amp combinations, it can sound almost acoustic. With others, it's real Strat-like. Aside from canceling 60-cycle hum, it bears very little resemblance to a standard humbucking sound."

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