my first real song. dont be too harsh but i would like some contructive criticism. thank you

your name, in my head
running around in circles
to you, i am dead
and im nothing if not worthless

is it over, baby?
you can tell me anything
i'll remember, your name
my name, in your head
it's not even existant
i wish i, i had said
something more opportunistic

is it over, baby?
you can tell me everything
they'll remember, our fate
and our names, hopefully

if i, changed my
name would you still cheat?
maybe, if i did
you'd still be with me

is it over, baby?
you shouldnt tell me everything
i cant beleive, all im hearing
how could you do this to me?

our names, is all we
ever seemed to have
nothing, in common
between us and im glad

its over, finally
i couldnt take it anymore
just the name, "Emily"
is all i took you for