Wanted to look at some L/H guitars. Went inside. Tons of guitars of all shapes and shizes, all over the walls and floors. Asked one of the guys where the lefties were. He pointed to a small corner, with about 8 guitars, many of which were actually broken.

I laughed as the stories of stores have limited selections of L/H guitars exceeded my expectations. They didn't have ****. then I cried as I looked at the righties selection of guitars.
Have you already started playing yet? If not you might want to try playing "righty" for a bit, if it feels comfortable and natural for your left hand to be on the fretboard and your right on the strings for picking then do that...

If not then I'm sorry, I've noticed that the market is very "righty" bias.
It doesn't. I dunno why. People say since it's my dominant hand, it should be at home on the frets. But if that's the case, shouldn't righties play left handed guitars, because then there dominant hand would be on the frets?

I felt awkward, very awkward with a right handed guitar that wasn't turned upside down. When I held a lefty, I felt right as home, even though I sucked on it.
I'm a righty and its always felt more natural for my right hand to be picking so that I didn't have to think about it... I always picked the proper string... Helps keep your concentration over on the fretboard, which is particularly important at first.
I'm a lefty, and I really made the effort to learn righty-style for the reason you've outlined there. Finding a good lefty guitar is difficult- I'd say less than 5% of all guitars are lefty (even though about 10% of the population is left-handed), so if you can learn to play a righty guitar it'll make things a hell of a lot easier.
It's tricky at first- every time I picked up my guitar in the first months or so of playing, I'd instinctively go to play it left-handed before correcting myself. Definately worth it though.
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I'm a lefty and play on a righty. It's just how I learned and I thank god I did for the exact reason your talking about.
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i know where your coming from. im a lefty too

and there are no major music store chains near me closest is Long and McQuade about 40 minutes away. i best i get is a low level Ibanez, MIM strats, and Gibson Custom LPs way out of my price range.

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yeah my cousin is left handed but he plays righty. and bats righty and kicks righty for that matter haha
Quote by velvet_hendrix
If lefty is what feels right, then look for a lefty that you want

I am. But I hear no two guitars sound alike, even if they are the exact same model tuned the same. So if you gotta play a couple to weed out the crap, think about how long it's gonna take me?

I actually had to ask another person there because I couldn't believe that like, 8 guitars was all they had. And this was electric AND acoustic. I saw a epi les paul, two black strats, and a schecter.

I'm seriously laughing right now. It's funny when I think about it. I wanted the Fat Strat. Would it be possible to somehow mod a normal strat and put a humbucker on it and kinda make it a Fat Strat? If not, I'll get a normal Fender Strat.
Buy a right handed guitar and string it hendrix style.
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Hendrix actually prefered to play right handed but Fender asked him to play left so they could promote it to left handed players just a little factoid
Quote by cowboysneverdie
Hendrix actually prefered to play right handed but Fender asked him to play left so they could promote it to left handed players just a little factoid

According to all info I read he played his first guitar, a right handed guitar, upside down. Far before he was famous and anyone cared about him using there equipment.

Besides, I don't see him changing the way he played because fender asked him to, do you?
i wish i started playing lefty. i find it very hard to pick fast.. very sloppy. i feel much comfortable picking with left hand even though i cant play it just feels better and i wish i started that way cause i doubt i can reach my potential on a right handed guitar but i been playing for few year so no point switching

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Well yes because i have actually talked to people who have talked with him so unless they were lying to me about it then i have to take it as true
Can't you just re-string the guitar and change the nuts and such?

That gives you all the options the righties do.
I hear if you hold a guitar upside down, it'll sound different.

If that's not the case, how much would it cost to alternate it?
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Quote by Symphonic Waves
I hear if you hold a guitar upside down, it'll sound different.

If that's not the case, how much would it cost to alternate it?

Where do you hear these things lol
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Many places. Once source was info on Hendrix. It said the fact that he held the guitar upside down also contributed to his unique sounds.

If this isn't the case, sweet, I can get the HSS I wanted.
Hardly enough difference to matter unless your a tone freak even if there is which I find hard to beleive
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I'm a lefty and at first playing right handed majorly sucked because I started out playing left handed. I started stringing it backwards but that didn't work out too well for me so I just switched and now I play better than I did before. Just a suggestion.
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Switched? You mean you play right handed? I've already made it clear, that ain't gonna work.

I just wanna know am I gonna **** a guitar up or get an undesired sound with it upside down. Or at least a largely noticible difference in sound.
I'm pretty sure it doesnt.

But you could do it yourself. On an acoustic it doesnt sound too diffrent.

But that's a strat by the way. Not other guitars.
Quote by Symphonic Waves
I hear if you hold a guitar upside down, it'll sound different.

If that's not the case, how much would it cost to alternate it?

It's true in the case of staggered pole pieces, but most guitars today don't offer staggered pole pieces. And even then, humbuckers have adjustable slugs, so it works out okay.
to answer your question earlier, you can get a normal sss strat and put a humbucker in it to make it an hss, the hole is cut big enough for one
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Get a righty guitar and restring it lefty. Hendrix and Paul McCartney did it. (And the dude from The Ataris, but I don't know if you want to be like him.) It won't matter much if you get a symmetrical guitar, like McCartney's Epiphone Casino. The controls will be upside down, but it's still playable.
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I want a Stratocaster HSS, or maybe I should just get a regular strat.

Can a regular SSS strat play like, I guess "classic" rock? I don't want heavy or metal or anything.