I'm looking for a $400 tops guitar that can play metal and/or hard rock. I like GnR, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, and The Eagles.
Wood: Don't really care
Frets: 22 or 24
Body shape: don't care either
Yeah... anyone help?
~InfernalBrood wuz heer
les paul or strat try em both out to see which one you like better
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Tele's might not be the best for Dream Theater but they'll do the GN'R, Pink Floyd and Eagles tones well. As for metal you'll just need a compressor and a decent overdrive. It'll be unique, though I've done it before and it works.


eBay Tele 2

eBay Tele 3 - Begs for a Hotrail in the bridge.

Strats too of course, being the Fender fanatic I am:

eBay Strat 1

eBay Strat 2 - RECOMMENDED, because of the pickup wiring... *drools*