Ok, so i came home today, to play some guitar, and i stomp on the vox clyde mccoy wah, and all of a sudden, all the noise just cuts off! I deactivate it, and i get noise again. I use a power source, but i've got a battery in there aswell. I've tried plugging my guitar into just the wah then into the amp, instead of going through my other two pedals, and the same thing! Both of my other pedals work, which are plugged into the same power source. Help please?
idk what to tell you its never happened to mine
you should probably take it somewhere to get it looked at
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Maybe i'll get it looked at tomarrow, but if anyone can tell me how i can fix it, please!
Hmm, step on the switch really hard, like stamp on it, that might help. I remember something like this happening with me a while ago but only for a few seconds.
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this happens to my 847 sometimes when i don't put enough pressure on to activate the switch, i just push down hard on it and it works again.