I think im going to build an acoustic guitar for my recycling project. Anyone ever done this? If so, is it hard? What would I need to build it?

When all else fails, ask the pit.
PM corduroy EW. What wood will you be using? or, if not wood, a steel guitar? if so, then i think you need a prayer, cuz no one here has done that.
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C'mon, I gave you the website link. It's a click away. The kit is even on the front page..
In any case, it depends on the options you choose. Go check it out.

but im lazy :3 would buying a kit count as recycling?
When all else fails, ask the pit.
If you want something really easy you could make a kabosy. They are by their very nature made from recycled materials. They are a lot easier than guitars as well.

As for your question about pine and oak that you asked in PM's. Pine is only good for the soundboard. Oak is only good for the back and sides. Neither are really any good for the neck or the headstock. I bet you could find some second hand maple that would work quite well for the neck and headstock. For the fretboard you need to get your hands on some rosewood, rock maple (not to be mistaken for bigleaf maple) or ebony. Because the fretting templates are expensive, your best bet is to buy a pre slotted fretboard from www.lmii.com
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I think this project calls upon a washtub bass to be built.
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