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The Sylosis thread reminded me of these guys... I forget why I make the connection, maybe the whole British scene... hmm.

Anyhow, they're brilliant. Kind of remind me of Black Dahlia Murder and Killswitch Engage simultaneously.


The reason they remind you is because they are practically identical in ever single way.

Good shit though I'll definately buy their EP when it comes out.
maybe you made the conncection because the ex screamer of sylosis also used to scream for viatrophy? same person lol. my mates sister is dating him. haha. theyre traveling round the world right now. i get free merch =]
dudes! maybe your making the connection throught the fact that viat started out with josh and g from sylosis, josh left and now g has and one of the orignal vocalist adam left to take on sylosis till they found a permant singer
so thats why!
andd tehy dont sound like bdm, bdm are more evilll