Terrorists Love Cancer!!!!
Note: Not the actual name of charity. It is for American Cancer Society's Relay for Life

Help fight the good fight! Donate some money for cancer research! Go America!

Yeah, I'm doing Relay For Life this year. You can get online donations (although I plan on the majority of donations to be cash or check). But I figured, since it can be done online, there is no reason not to try to get some donations here. Even if you don't donate to my account, at least it gets the information out there.

You can go to my page, and donate some money through credit card (unfortunately it is credit card only). The accepted cards are: American Express, Visa, Discover, and Master Card. And for whatever reason, there is a $10 minimum, which I found off-putting because any donation counts when done in person. I realize that most people here (myself included) don't have credit card, but ask your parents, tell them that you can pay them back in cash. It all goes to Cancer Research.

But yes, please help me raise $100 dollars (my minimum goal).

Thanks! Any donation is appreciated, even if it isn't to my page.
I'd help, but I'm saving up for a Kilo of coke.

For real though, I'd love to, but I have no money. I do Relay For Life every year though, it's good stuff.

EDIT: "Alex The Cancer Hater"
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