So I'm currently writing a song that has a brief Jazz-Shuffle, which consists simply of two chords (though I may add in another).

So these are the two chords that I have...


Unless I am mistaken, the first chord is a C Maj.7, and the second is a A#/Bb Maj.7.

These two chords sound great together, picking the root note first, and then the top three afterwards in a sort of shuffle rhythm.

The problem is that the notes contained within these two chords are as follows...

A, A#/Bb, B, C, D, E, F, G

Basically, these are all of the notes in the C Major/A Minor Scales, except there is the A#/Bb.

Would the key still remain as C Major (since both of those chords give the song a major tone), or would there be some other scale upon which I can base this?

I know that the Diminished Scale is one scale that has eight notes in it, but these don't fit in with the Diminished Scale.

So... Any help is appreciated.

c minor blues maybe?
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That wouldn't make any sense, though.

A Minor Blues if anything, basing the Scales upon one another, but that isn't right either.

The closest it is to (in the Blues Scale), would be E Minor Blues, but then the C and F are missing from that.
It's not completely diatonic, so it's just chord changes. F major is probably your best bet, so D minor blues scale would be most appropriate for improv solos. Other than that, for written parts, just follow the chord changes