hi guys,
i'm having some trouble doing my chromatic scales to a metronome. I'm at 90 bpm sixteenth notes, but the problem i'm having has been evident since i started this excersize at 60bpm. It seems like on the way DOWN(starting on low E string going to high e string) i'm very choppy and not as clean and I get alot of string noise. But when I do it again on the way down, its perfectly clean and no string noise at all. Is this normal, does anyone else have this problem? Is it maybe because i'm going against gravity scaling down, which in turn makes it a little harder? I also find when I get to the 12th fret, the metronome seems to be speeding up in my head, and I start losing speed and rhythm. Anyone have any ideas on how i can fix this?
well most people have more trouble coming down than going up and the trick to fix this is do it slow but push down hard over and over untill it feel like the tendons in ur hand are gonna snap, this will build up strength and make ur fingers a bit more nimble but steady
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as for the tempo problems, use a part of your body as another metronome. bob your head, tap your foot, change your breating to match the temo, whatever it takes. the metronome should be used to keep tempo for your ear, your body keeps it for the rest of you. your body is the ultimate metronome
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