Yea I haven't been playin guitar all that long. I'm not good, but I'm not like really pathetic. I guess decent is the word?

Well... I'm self-taught. I watch vids and read a book on it and I figured a bti out. I can play some simple stuff but its not very good. I have a few typical problems while a play, and any ideas for hwo to fix it would be appreciated :-D

1- I can't really alternate pick well. It's not like I can't strum it, its that I can't control which strings I hit. I usually end up hittin way to many. I can try to mute the strings I don't need but its adds an annoying noise in the backround.

2- Palm-mutin. I can't seem to get it just right. And even when ti sounds like it my pickin becomes all messed up cause with the motion of my hand I either move my palm and take it off the strings or mute them.

3- Chord changes. I can't switch between chords or shift and crap very well. It's speed and I lack it.

So any help yall can give would be real... helpful....

Practice, practice, practice. That's all the advice I can give you. You'll get better eventually. Have faith in my words.
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its all practice man, there arent many quick fixes, just find whats comfortable. for example, your palm muting problem, just adjust ur hand so it sounds good then slowly work at picking, alternate picking can be best practiced by doing string skipping so that your hand becomes more used to where the strings are and how to hit them because guitar is based a lot around muscle memory. and 3rd, chord changes take time, slowly practice switching from chord to chord and the muscles in ur hand will get used to each chord and will be able to go to that position more quickly
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Its not the answer you are looking for but...PRACTICE.

Use a metronome and alternate pick making sure you play clean. Increase tempo slowly and after a while, you will be picking faster and more important, accurately.

Palm muting is more difficult to describe but you just have to gently rest the fleshy part of the outer edge of your picking hand while playing.

Are you talking barre chord changes or basic open chords??? Its repetitive practice that is going to make you better. Nothing comes for free??

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i practice anyway, and i can see why. i just wodnered if there were methods or exxcersises to do to help out.

warm up
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1. start on the thicker strings around the 12th fret go as fast as you can till it hurts. kind of like a workout you buile up strength and stamina.
2.dont press hard and stay towards the far end of the bridge as in away from the neck pickup
3. imagine your hand in the next chord position before you're actually there.
To a shredder, a second is a long time.

Member of the UG Gentlemen of Higher Thought Establishment.

Invite only, if you want to be considered, contribute well to UG, and respect others as much as possible!
Practice practice practice!

I do these lessons every night (well 1-3 at least for now) for about 2-3 hours.
i've been at it for a week and a half and i see progress already.
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Focus things - if you can't change chords smoothly then you shouldn't be worrying about palm-muting...you wouldn't attempt to race a car if you couldn't change gears properly would you? I know you want to play everything, but the best way to build your skill is to do it in a structured way. At the moment you're attempting to do several things, none of which you can do well. All that means is you're going nowhere fast....if you're attempting a fast rhythm, for example, you're struggling because you can't pick it properly, you can't switch between the chords properly and you can't palm-mute properly.

Everything you can't do is affecting your ability to learn other stuff, so you need to go back to basics. Concentrate on chords and picking/strumming. Do strumming and picking exercises and practice songs with open chords and barre chords. Once you can play rhythms cleanly, smoothly and quickly THEN is the time to try palm muting.
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up and down teh fret board until you can play it extremely fast with no errors.
it'll help with finger strain and hitting single frets better.
Well, it was mentioned earlier but it's worth saying again. You need to focus. Trying to master 80 techniques at once won't get you anywhere really fast. Pick a technique and work on only that technique for a while. When you get sickeningly bored, then move on, but only enough to break the monotony.

That being said, here are a few things you could try.

Alternate Picking: Learn some scales. Those helped me tremendously with my alternate picking. One of the main problems that I ran into with alternate picking was having to use an up stroke while string skipping. Once I started running through C Major it really opened those doors wide open for me.

Palm-Muting: It's hard to say what you're doing wrong. I've noticed that a lot of the people that have issues with muting are usually for one of two reasons (sometimes both)

1.) They are pressing too hard on the strings with their palm. They press so hard that when you pick the string it becomes almost like a brick wall rather than a muted note.

2.) They are trying to mute too far up on the strings (away from the bridge) and that also has a similar effect as pressing too hard.

Just mess around with it. Move your palm around, apply different amounts of pressure, etc. Evenutually you'll figure out what needs to be done.

Chord Changes: No quick fix. Just practice. I've noticed that if I just hover above the strings and hold the chord formation in the proper position that it helps my muscle memory improve a little faster. (As opposed to just placing the chord one finger at a time and then strumming) Try to make a simple song / chord pregression with all or most of the chords you know. That way you can practice but not get quite as frustrated.

And above all. Don't get discouraged. Just learn to have fun with it and be happy with your current skill level no matter where you're at in your playing.