So, my band just finished recording our first song (studio-wise)....actually, we recorded it ourselves. Anyway, i'd appreciate some input to help us out on what more to do or w/e. We'll be recording more stuff, so we'll be posting new songs soon. Thanks UG!!!! Spill out your thoughts!!!



EDIT: i forgot link!!! www.myspace.com/exposetheerror
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I like it. It has a real industrial feel to it. reminds me a bit of rammstein, which is no bad thing.

Some of the mixing of the vocals, especially on the chorus, could use a little work, and the guitars are a little tinny, as are the drums, but these are studio issues, as opposed to a crit of your musicality.
The song itself is perhaps a little long before it breaks down, I was on the verge of losing interest.

I realise I have most written negative things, but i thought it would be helpful. The positives of what you do far outweigh any negatives I have picked up on, and I recommend this band to anyone.