i am looking to buy a distortion box but i dont kno which one to get. I like to play stuff like judas priest, motley crue, van halen, poison,led zeppelin, dokken, ac dc, all that kinda stuff. which oneshould i get? thank u.
go to your local store and try a bunch out and see which one you like best
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For that type of sound, you may actually enjoy the $14.95 Danelectro Fab Distortion.

Or the Boss Hyper Metal. But that wouldn't be able to do the Zeppelin or AC/DC type stuff all that well. Perfect for the hair bands, however. You'd also need to buy it secondhand (eBay . . .).

Love that Dano, I can actually coax a few GASP brown tones out of it when I slam it with an overdrive.
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MI Audio Crunch Box.

MI audio Tubezone too
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thank u very much. if any one else has any suggestions id love to hear them.
The Line 6 multi stompbox is great....It has all the effects you need plus killer distortion for metal and classic rock
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Boss - M E T A L Z O N E! An awesome pedal IMO.

a horrible pedal in everyone else's.

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you could try the boss os-2
its a distortion and an overdrive pedal in one box

and you can mix them
i really like mine


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a horrible pedal in everyone else's.

analogman modded DS-1.

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