Okay so last night I wrote a new poem, and to be honest, I have no clue what it means, I just wrote down what was in my head, and I don't know what it means. I'm asking that you read it, give me an idea of what you think of when you read it please. I'm truly stumped by my own thoughts...awkward?

Commercialize The Ariel Plane
Dropping from the sky, the wings of fallen angels
Tears of blood and wine, incripted with love and tradegy
Broken lives flood the ages, A man walks alone
Fallen angels run and scream, blood falling from eyes that can't see

Standing beneath crying sky, comfort comes not
Distance fills the are we breather, apoctolyptic and insane
Standing out on the edge of the earth, jumping from the heavens
Running from demonic angels, partaking in a deadly game

He wants to be the one in control, his life is out of his hands
His fellow angels drop in pain and love, can you hear what they're saying?
With the promise of the inevatable, he's dying on the inside
Moonsaulting into an angry aybss, fallen angels can't listen

Alone he walks, in the darkness accompynied by terror
He can't find his way out, he's got no where to go
He's collapsing under the broken wings, clipped with love
Drawing from love's cruel lies, he just doesn't believe it's so

Controversy controls who he is and what he does
Tears of fallen angels grace his furrowed brow
He's still walking down his road alone
Looking for a tragic affair, bathed in blood and despair
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