So i signed up for a jazz band class for my school and I dont know anything about the style of jazz and stuff liek that. I can play guitar pretty well so I kind of know what I'm doing. But what are somethings i need to know and anything that could point me into the right direction would be very nice. Thanks

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ahhh son... get ready for some extreme pain on your wrist.... Practise your 7th, 9th and 7#9 chords... It will be very helpful... Take alot of tylenol with you to rehearsals... As after one jam your left wrist (if your righthanded) will be on FIRE
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^Are you serious? Meh, might just be me. Bring along a chord dictionary.

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You will learn a LOT of new chords - or at least you should.

Also, I recommend putting some effort in learnign the theory behind the chords and how to construct them because there will definatley be several chords you don't know.
You guys are overreacting. Just learn some 7th chords and you will be fine. Bring along a chord dictionary as one guy said. And with the chords, they will come with time. Thats why you are doing this jazz thing, is to learn.
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Your left hand wrist should not hurt. If it does, you're doing something wrong.

Anyways, if this is a high school class I doubt it's too hard. You should learn, but at a reasonable pace. Like justin_fraser said, learn your 7th chords. Also learn chord construction, your major scale modes, and what chords those modes fit over. Also learn your keys, and what chords go in what key. There may be a few other scales or chords that come up, but you can learn those as you go.

Something I would recommend is that you listen to jazz, and that you try to play some on your own. If you're a blues-rock guitarist, you may very well learn what to use over the chords, and hit "right" notes, but your solo will probably sound like a rock guy playing over jazz changes. Picking up licks from jazz guys and figuring out how and why they work is a great thing to do.
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My high school jazz band has Bb13(#9) and F7#5b9 and strange chrods like that (not too hard once you get it) but they're pretty frightening at first.
i would listen to Macio Parker, i think thats how its spelt, hes a new age jazz and funk guy, does some great barrish song, all jazz, horn section, guitar, singing , all jazz
Prepare to look like a n00b with those charts lol. It's ok... Learn your 13,9,b5,diminished and ABSOLUTELY MASTER your 7th's (ALL of them from min7 to M7 to dom etc).

Oh yeah, strive for good TONE too lol
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joining your schools jazz band is the best thing you can do, you will learn the notes on the neck so good and your dexterity and crap like that will increase tenfold. I've been in my schools jazz band forever. most of the lead is done by horns and what not, but i have taken a few solos but most of the guitar work will be rythem(sp?) and like everybody else said be prepared for some weird chords.
If you can read music you should be fine, bu the some of the chords are ye, damn impossible. Right now im working on an unacompanied jazz piece by Joe Pass, OMG it's solid. And where not overreacting, 'just learn some sevenht cords'. If only....... try 11th, 13th, dim, etc etc. Ye a chord dictionary is your best bet. Also some of the timings are may seem wierd if youre used to your standard 1234, its plenty more complicated than that! However, jazz is one of the hardest styles, but you can garuntee your playing will imrove if you take this up. I love it and would recomend it to anyone, it might be the m,ost rewarding thing you've ever done as a musician, in fact it probably will be.


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Thanks for all the help guys. I hope if i make Jazz band i become a better guitarist

Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut?
Jesus christ, deny your maker
He who tries, will be wasted
Feed my eyes now youve sewn them shut
just bring a dictionary and ull be fine i play in my schools jazz band and its taughtme tons of new cords that i would have never used with out it
It's more or less a given unless it's awful and the director has no clue

good luck

but seriously when I first trying jazz on for size I thought I was cool because I could play minor scales ridiculously fast. Jazz made me realize how much farther I'd have to go (I'm a humble guy now too)
Yeah, this is my first year in Jazz band at school too. We play a lot of 7th/m7/6ths/dim/aug/ pretty much any chord imaginable. But you'll learn a lot of tricks really quick. search on UG for "common fingerings for extensions" it's a thread a made a week ago, it have some helpful answers on it.

Just above all be patient and willing.
Just let the good times roll.
Jazz can overwhelm you pretty fast, so take all the good advice from above, and go at your own pace.

Just to throw some jazz-guitar names out, I think Johnny Smith is great.
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