I'm not looking for songs but more like a type of lesson.

So far I know a lot of blues scales/runs perfectly and I know how and when to fill them just fine. I can use all of my fingers except a little trouble with my pinky. I can play somewhat fast. I have a hard time remembering songs though. I can pop/slap fine I just can't really go up and down the fretboard and stuff. I've been playing a year and 8 months and I'm just wondering what is should get myself into next to become a better bass player. I have the potential to do a lot of things, I just can't remember anything that well.

I'm planning on getting more Into Jazz/Punk/Reggae/Ska type stuff too. I'm just wondering what I could learn next to better myself in those genres. Maybe a link to something. I'm just really lost on what to do next. Help is very much appreciated.
scales, modes, arpeggios, octave shapes, fretboard relationships (if your on the 3rd of the scale, where can you go to play the 6th?one string higher maybe?)

cyberfretbass.com has some good stuff, but i would say learn theory, and as my cousin told me when i started playing (he has been playing 10 odd years or so) use your pinky anytime you have the chance, because no matter what it will ALWAYS be your weakest finger, and a team is only as fast as its weakest link, right?

also, dont try to remember stuff, because i have the same problem, i takes me like a week to remember any of my bands songs, instead of remembering and memorizing, try learning.

why does a scale get constructed the way it does, why does it sound good when you play the 6th then root, where do modes come from, etc in my experience learning and understanding has benefitted me way more than memorizing scale shapes (i tried, i did, i forgot, now i go, oh, i need a minor 6th... two frets up, cool)
Ska basslines are sometimes really fun. Maybe some Sublime-styled basslines? The best way (for me) to learn about a type of music is listen to it and just "feel" out the rhythm flavour of the song, and I start writing my own songs in those genres from there.
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