okay im a guitar player but i happen to have a bass lying around the house. some buddys asked me to fill in and play bass for them in a gig this saturday. i only have a shitty crate 8watt amp and i need to be able to play loud enoguh with a full band. i have a line 6 spider II 120 watt amp that i use for my guitar. is it safe to use this for the gig? it will just be in a gym and wont need to be too loud, just loud enough to hear it a little bit. the song is when i come around so it wont be any low bass frequencys or anything and it will probably be 1/3 to half way up. is this safe? i am not going to risk killing my new amp i just got it for xmas.
If it is still returnable to the store... break the hell out of it. It's a crappy amp.

If not, then I wouldn't... I doubt the speaker was designed to output those low bass frequencies very loud. It probably wouldn't sound too good either.
no, it will sound like shit, and you will be mercilessly beaten with your bass... and you still may screw up the speaker
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i dont recommend playing anything through a line 6, hahh just playing.
but the speakers are definetaly not desiged to handle the lower frequencies, i wouldnt risk it
You'll probably blow it after a few minutes. Don't do it unless you don't need the amp, want to be made fun of by your bandmates, want to sound terrible, and are an idiot.
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I've done that for a single band practise

It doesn't sound great but its adequate enough

Playing with the inbuilt effects is a lot of fun